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Toyota C-HR service: all you need to know

Sep 22

Keeping your car in good running condition entails proper care and regular maintenance. This is true for all cars, old and new, including the Toyota CHR. 

The Toyota CHR is a compact SUV that requires specific care and maintenance procedures. If you want to keep yours on the road for more years, keep it on top of maintenance at an official Toyota service center. If your car is new, you could take advantage of Toyota CHR offers and promotions that may include free service and maintenance for a certain period.


Here are some of the things you need to know about a Toyota CHR service:


When is a Toyota C-HR service due?


Regardless of the Toyota CHR model you own, the service interval is generally every 12 months or whenever you reach another 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. The maintenance should be alternating between minor and major maintenance. 


Minor maintenance entails oil and filter changes as well as a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle. Major maintenance, on the other hand, involves replacing more parts and a more detailed check. 


There's no reason why you would miss the regular service of your car because even if you forgot about it, your local Toyota dealer would normally send you reminders when your service is due. Your vehicle's computer will also remind you when the mileage hits another 10,000 miles mark.


How to book a service appointment?

You can book a Toyota CHR service appointment by calling your local Toyota service center or by booking via the Toyota website. You could check with them how much time it takes to service your car and, if you need, you may have to ask if a courtesy car is available. If you are willing to wait, you could also stay in their waiting area.

What happens during a service appointment?


In the service center, the staff will conduct a full inspection of the car while it is on a hydraulic lift. Expert technicians can easily spot issues, damage or wear that need immediate attention. Once done, most service centers provide a complimentary wash and vacuum before handing the car back to you. They will then give you a complete report of their checks and maintenance procedures. 

Why Choose Toyota service centers 


As they say, only Toyota knows your Toyota car. Toyota service centers have technicians who are trained to maintain Toyota cars. They have years of experience in working on these vehicles so they are highly efficient in what they do. Moreover, Toyota service centers will only use genuine parts and provide your car with the highest level of service. They have strict quality guidelines so you can ensure that when your car goes out of the service facility, it has received the right maintenance procedure needed.

How much does a Toyota CHR servicing cost?


The cost of service depends on what procedure was done to your vehicle. The pricing is also standard across the different service centers in the country. Newly-purchased cars typically come with free after-sales maintenance service for a specified period. However, if your Toyota CHR is no longer covered by the free service, you could request a quote beforehand to get an idea of the possible cost you'll incur. 

Do Toyota service centers perform repairs?


Yes, Toyota service centers also handle various types of vehicle repairs. 




A Toyota CHR is a well-built and tough vehicle but even so, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and safe for the road. While there may be shops in your area that offer maintenance services, it's recommended to get your car maintained by a Toyota service center. They have the technology and the right people who can do the job more efficiently.