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How to Play Live Dealer Games?

Dec 26

Online gaming has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. However, there has always been one factor in land-based casinos that seemed to be missing, the presence of a physical dealer to run the game. Something to which both the developers of these games and the online casinos have tried to find a solution. And it looks like they found it! Not long ago, so-called live casino games have appeared, a new version of these digital games that has the presence of a live dealer, as well as other real elements.

What are Online Live Casinos

Online entertainment and the way it is offered has been changing in recent years. New technologies and innovation have made the way entertaining and made them to change. Something that has also happened with casinos. An entertainment that has gone from being developed in a physical place to being able to access them online thanks to the appearance of online casinos. But these have gone a step further, offering a hybrid version between online and physical games: online live casino games.

We could say that these are a digital version of physical casinos, having the presence of real elements such as a flesh and blood dealer. These casinos offer us a much more realistic experience thanks to streaming.

Here the essential difference is the accessibility they provide, being able to enjoy them from various devices: computers, mobile phones or tablets. Without a doubt, it’s a very comfortable way to enjoy our favorite casino games.

The Most Popular Live Casino Games

Though currently the variety of live casino games isn’t as great as the online casino games, there are some exciting classic games. Let’s check out some of them.

Live Roulette

A game full of emotion with a very simple dynamic. The chances of getting one of the prizes are quite high. In its live version, the dealer is in charge of managing all the bets that are made on the table, as well as spinning the roulette wheel and distributing the profits obtained by each of the players in each round.

Live Blackjack

A classic card game that cannot be missing in online casinos. In live games you will be able to face up to seven opponents, who, like you, will try to take the cards that add up to 21, without going over. In the live version, the dealer will not only be one of our opponents, but will also be the dealer of the cards.

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How to Play Live Casino Games

At first glance, live casino games are not much different from online casino games. Regarding the player, most of the functions are carried out through the game interface that includes the chips with which you place the bets.

However, there is a difference between online and live games regarding the screen. There is the dealer on the screen, who’ll play the game in the same way that he’d do it in a physical game room. The dealer is usually in a recording studio, or in a real physical casino, so the elements that he uses will also be real. If you play roulette, the dealer will make it spin; while if you play a card game, he will be in charge of distributing them.

It’s worth noting that these are quite new games, that’s why some casinos still do not have a very extensive catalog. However, we are expecting to see an increase in the variety and availability of these games in a short period of time.