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Premium Arcade Machines for Hire in Manchester

Dec 28

Arcade machines in Manchester, UK are coin-operated video game machines that are typically found in arcades, bars, restaurants, and other public places. They offer a variety of games in Manchester, including classic titles like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and Donkey Kong, as well as newer games.

If you are interested in hiring an arcade machine for an event or party, there are several options available to you. Many companies offer arcade machine rental services that allow you to choose the type of machine and the duration of the rental. You can also hire an arcade machine through a party rental company or an event planning service.

Benefits of Arcade Machine Hire Services

When it comes to a venue built around games, amusement, and entertainment, Arcade Machine Rent Manchester  is a must. Lacking them can simply make your business look lacking compared to others in the area that have Arcade Machines. That’s not the only benefit they offer, however. With classic games like Space invaders, Pac man, Sega Rally, Star Wars Trilogy, and Street Fighter who could resist popping in, dropping their shopping bag, and having a quick game? That’s not the only benefit of our arcade machine hire offer, however.

Games being used through our arcade machine hire are proven, earners. The arcade machines we work with are proven earners. Games that add a passive revenue stream to the business with no need for more investment than the hire price. We can recommend arcade machines that achieve the highest cash box earnings to improve that potential, too. Retro arcade machines add a passive revenue stream to the business with no need for more investment than the hire price. Games that we can recommend. Games that achieve the highest cash box earnings improve that potential for any party or event too. Furthermore, they keep your guests at your venue and events for longer. We have seen our arcade machine hire games driving venue footfall, higher profits, and a range of other benefits.

Diamond Arcade’s Machine Hire

Diamond Leisure UK arcade machines have many arcade types of arcade machines, from shooting games, table footballs, pinball machines, and boxing machine games to air hockey tables all with led screens for hire. What’s more, many of the different types of videos we provide have multiple visual styles to choose from in our group stock. Whether you want a retro arcade machine, modern games, bright, child-friendly, exciting, cool type, or something different, we can find a fit for your venue event hire.

We offer arcade machines and games for hire such as Star Wars based on licensed properties as well as non-licensed arcade machine devices for any event. A familiar character or brand can make a game all the more attractive. We have a range of classics including the house of the dead, star wars, time crisis, and many others all with a simple setup handled by our team. We are a team dedicated to helping businesses get more traffic into their businesses. We are a no-money upfront profit-sharing offering! We supply a range of Arcade Equipment to Bowling Alleys, Amusement Arcades, Holiday Camps, Hotels, Trampoline Parks, Caravan Sites, Children’s Play Centers, and Cinemas for all events. We also offer Pool Table Rent Manchester, Fruit Machine Rent Manchester, Jukebox Machine Rent Manchester, and Boxing Machine Rent Manchester.

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