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How to Start Your Own Bounce House Rentals Business

Apr 8

A bouncehouse is a popular activity for parties, school events, and church functions. It's also a great option for large groups such as family reunions or community events.

Bounce houses are usually rented for a full day of fun. You can rent them in blocks ranging from four to eight hour periods. The rental fee covers delivery, set-up, and tear-down. Prices for a bounce house vary depending on their size and features, but the average hourly rate is $30 to $50

When starting a bounce house rental business, you need to make sure that your financial records are accurate. This will help to track your profit or loss and ensure you are compliant with state laws. Depending on the nature and size of your business, you may also need business insurance or liability coverage.

Begin by researching the market and competitors in your area where you intend to rent your bounce houses. You can find local Facebook groups and websites that will help you identify the companies in your region and how popular their services. For more visit

Once you have a general idea of the target audience, the next step in choosing the right inflatables is to make your event memorable. You can compare the different themes, as well the different sizes of bouncy slides and bouncy castles to find the one that will work best at your venue.

If you are hosting a party and want to draw children of all ages, a bounce house with a large front door can be rented. A slide with a waterfall feature that allows children to feel the water moving down can be rented.

You can also find bounce house rentals that offer a variety of exciting options such as a double gauntlet, which allows kids to race each other. These attractions add excitement and can help you make more money.

You must always verify the safety of any equipment you rent before you rent a bouncehouse. To prevent any damage, it should be securely secured and supervised by an adult or employee at all times. You must also make sure that the equipment is set up on a level surface. Inflatables should always have access to clean water.

If your bouncehouse has a waterslide make sure you have an area flat and open that is within easy reach of a water hose. You should be able to find a power cable of approximately 50 feet that can be run from the location to the inflatable.

Another important factor to consider is the weather. In windy conditions, a bouncy house should not be inflated. You should notify the company if there is any rain forecast. They can either cancel your booking or offer flexibility in rescheduling.