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Unraveling the Texas Rangers' Military Discount: A Tribute to Service

May 27

For fans of baseball and the military alike, the Texas Rangers have a special offering that combines America's pastime with a gesture of gratitude. Known for their thrilling games and dedicated fans, the Texas Rangers have initiated a military discount program to honor the brave men and women serving the country. This article will delve into the details of this offer and how it benefits the military community.

Understanding the Military Discount

A "military discount" is a special price reduction provided to active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel, including their immediate family members. This gesture is a way of expressing appreciation for their service and sacrifices. In the world of sports, particularly baseball, the Texas Rangers have incorporated this military discount into their ticketing policy.

The Texas Rangers' Military Discount: An Overview

The Texas Rangers' military discount is a way for the team to give back to the military community. The discount applies to all active duty, reserve, National Guard, veterans, and retired military personnel, including their immediate family members.

The amount of discount typically varies based on the type of game (regular season, playoff, etc.), the opponent, and the seating section. The discounted tickets can be purchased online or at the box office, with proper military identification presented at the time of purchase.

Benefits Beyond the Discount

What makes the Texas Rangers' military discount even more special are the additional benefits that come along with it. For instance, the Rangers often host special Military Appreciation Nights, where they honor military personnel and their families before the game or during an inning break. These events often include patriotic performances, special recognitions, or the opportunity for a military member to throw the first pitch.

Additionally, the military discount can also be combined with other promotions or themed nights, such as family nights or fireworks nights. This allows military families to enjoy an even more exciting game experience at a reduced cost.

How to Get the Discount

To get of the Texas Rangers' military discount, eligible individuals must present a valid military ID. This could be a United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card, a Common Access Card (CAC), or a Veteran Identification Card (VIC). Online purchases may require a verification process through platforms like, which securely checks military status.

The Texas Rangers' military discount is a significant benefit that shows the team's appreciation for the sacrifices made by military families. It is a tangible way to honor the brave individuals who serve the country while also providing them with a fun and entertaining baseball experience.

Remember to ask about the military discount when purchasing your tickets. With this special offering, a day at the ballpark becomes more than just a game; it's an opportunity for the Texas Rangers and their fans to join together in celebrating the men and women who protect our freedoms.