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Sep 11


Haven Chiropractic & Sports Medicine in Palmer, AK is the premier chiropractor in Palmer offering a wide range of treatments. We have experienced chiropractors, physicians, and other experts offering reliable chiropractic treatments like chiropractic adjustments, cupping therapy, therapeutic massage, and much more. We have invested in advanced chiropractic equipment and tools ready to serve our patients better in Palmer. You can visit our chiropractic office if you have the following conditions; 

Back Pain 

If you have been struggling with unending back pain for a long time, Haven Palmer Chiropractor can help. We are the best-rated chiropractor near me ready to address the cause of your problem and relieve the pain you have been experiencing all that long. We will use chiropractic adjustments to manipulate the spine, which will improve spinal motion and relieve the pain. We also offer therapeutic massage near me to help you overcome back pain and feel better. Besides back pain, we treat sciatica. 

Shoulder and Neck Pain 

Shoulder and neck pain can be caused by lifting heavy items, wrong posture, or even a slip-and-fall accident. Shoulder and neck pain will not go away on its own. You will need to come to our School Physical Exam Palmer office for treatment. Our team will examine you and offer the right chiropractic solution that will address the pain once and for all.   

Knee, Ankle, and Foot Pain   

If you suffered a knee, ankle, or foot injury, you should come to Haven Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. Sports Physical Exam Palmer offer ice therapy, myofascial release, targeted massage, IASTM, and other treatments that can help address knee, foot, and ankle injuries. We will also provide rehab exercises to help you recover and regain your fitness fast.  


If you have headaches that don’t go away even when you take painkillers, we have a solution for you. We know that migraines or headaches are mainly caused by excess pressure on the spine and neck muscles. We will use spinal manipulation, cupping therapy, therapeutic massage, and other chiropractic tactics to relieve headaches. We will also advise you on what to do to avoid migraines in the future. 

Sports Injuries

If you are a sports person, you know that injuries are inevitable. But you should not go for surgery to address sports injuries like muscle injuries, knee injuries, or ankle injuries that can be addressed by our chiropractors. So before you go for surgery due to a sports injury, you should come to Chiropractor Near Me for examination and treatment. We promise to help you heal and recover fast from your injury.   


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