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Nov 18

New Orleans Inflatable bounce house combo Rentals are the perfect solution to keep kids entertained and active for hours on end. Also known as bounce houses, jumpers or air castles, inflatable rentals are a must for any child's birthday party or special event. Inflatables can also be rented for church, school or town events.

If you're considering starting an Inflatable Rentals business, you should make sure to set up a legal entity like a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company (LLC). You should also secure insurance for your rental business. This will protect you from being held liable in the event of an accident or damage to the equipment.

Inflatable Water Slides

A favorite for both kids and adults alike, our giant water slides will add a splash of fun to any event. These massive inflatables allow participants to race each other down the slide and splash into a refreshing pool at the bottom. The best part is that they are just as easy to setup as our bounce houses and require no plumbing or electricity.

Inflatable Playlands

Designed for toddlers and younger children, these inflatables feature crawling tunnels, bounce areas, rock walls that lead to big slides and even an interactive ball pit. These are the safest and most educational of all of our rental units and will create a safe space for your little ones to explore and enjoy themselves.

Inflatable Combos

The combination of a bounce house and water slide is a great way to entertain children at any event. These large inflatables offer the best of both worlds and are a perfect addition to any backyard birthday party. The water slide will keep children cool while the bounce house will give them a place to let loose and burn off energy.

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games are a great way to add some competition and excitement to any event. Choose from a variety of inflatable games including soccer, basketball, football, jousting and wrecking ball. You can also add some classic games like twister, connect four and Jenga for a true carnival feel.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

If you're looking for a challenging and exciting activity, look no further than our inflatable obstacle courses. These obstacles are built to test the skill and strength of all ages. These activities are perfect for any event, especially those that want to take the competition to the next level.

Before leaving with the unit Lessee must perform a full inspection of the equipment and address any questions or concerns that may have arisen during set-up. This is a requirement before the unit can be considered completely safe for use by guests. Upon pickup Wippersnappers set-up staff will re-inspect the equipment for any pre-existing or new damage. In the event that there are any concerns with the unit or if the rules of use have been violated, Wippersnappers reserves the right to exercise any of the following remedies:

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