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Care Packages Are Not Only Fun And Comforting For Seniors To Enjoy

Mar 15

While nothing compares to visiting your loved ones in person, there are ways you can show you care even if you’re unable to visit them during the COVID-19 pandemic. One way is to send them a care package. They also help to alleviate feelings of isolation that can occur for those in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

When putting together a Care Packages for seniors, consider their likes and needs as well as what types of items are appropriate for the type of facility they reside in. For example, in a nursing home or other residential care facility, it is important that the items you choose are space-saving, easy to open and do not violate any facility rules regarding outside supplies. Items like collapsible storage containers, door decorations and small indoor plants fit this bill and are a great addition to a care package.

In a senior’s care package, you should include treats they can share with caregivers and other residents. This could include a box of their favorite snack or a batch of cookies. If the recipient has a sweet tooth, chocolate bars or flavored popcorn are delicious options that also hold up well in the mail. Other tasty treats to consider include gummy candies, dried fruits and trail mix. A good-quality bath kit can also be a nice addition to a care package, including items like bubble bath, scented soap, a new brush and hand lotion.

Those in long-term care and assisted living facilities often do not see family members on a regular basis due to travel restrictions, work or other commitments. Adding a few photos of loved ones can make them feel more connected to family and friends, especially if they live far away. You can also add family calendars, a letter from the kids or a poem that you know your loved one will enjoy.

Many elderly people struggle with limited mobility and require regular health monitoring. Including items such as a pill organizer, easily-grip tools like a reacher and a blood pressure monitor in a care package can offer practical support that can significantly improve a senior’s quality of life.

A care package is a perfect opportunity to encourage your senior to write letters to you. Include a supply of stationery, envelopes and stamps to make it easy for them to stay in touch. You can even include a few blank cards and pens to get them started.

Entertainment-related gifts are a great addition to any care package, particularly for seniors that may be restricted to a chair or bed in a facility. Books, whether digital or on tape, are a popular choice, as are puzzle books, coloring books and journals. Any of these activities will help keep a senior’s mind active and their spirits high. You might even consider a subscription to a streaming service so they can continue to enjoy their favorite music and shows.

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