‘A Million Little Things’ To Resume Production In Vancouver – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: I learned that tomorrow, Thursday, cameras will be rolling again on ABC’s A Million Little Things. The ensemble drama was one of a series of multi-studio series that had to halt production due to lengthy delays in receiving COVID-19 test results for their casts and crew.

Upon returning to production, A Million Little Things is making a return to a number of Vancouver-based series that have seen no delays in test results and continued filming, including ABC’s The Good Doctor and Netflix’s Midnight Mass.

The remaining series that were affected will remain dark tomorrow, with strong indications that filming will resume on Friday, according to sources. These include Riverdale, Charmed, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Batwoman, The Mighty Ducks, Nancy Drew, Maid, and The Mysterious Benedict Society. There are also several series that have been delayed starting this week; including The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. You will start filming as soon as the test jam is cleared.

David E. Kelley, creator of Big Sky, on the test results delay that interrupted production of the ABC series in Vancouver

As . reported last night, we heard that a local laboratory had missed deadlines and left the productions in the dark. There is no evidence that there are positive cases, but with no definitive PCR test results and no rapid tests available, studios had no choice but to stop production. The interruption in filming will continue to be assessed day by day.

Hollywood studios and unions in British Columbia agreed in August to rigorously test under SAG-AFTRA guidelines.

A major concern prior to the settlement was the scope of the tests, how the information would be handled and who would have access to it. Due to the large number of tests required, the Hollywood studios had planned to use their own private laboratories. (Just a few tests of the show would exceed the number of tests run daily across the province of BC, just over 1.5,000 a day before U.S. shows were filmed there.) There were also concerns from Canadian officials as well Unions that BC’s privacy laws might apply this is violated in the testing process as private companies are brought on board and on set. Canadian laws also prohibit testing of samples in the United States