A new study, presented today at the 101st Annual Meeting of AATS, shows that AATS Foundation grants support success in the careers of academic surgeons. The AATS Foundation has two primary funding mechanisms for grants: the AATS Foundation Scholarship and the Surgical Investigator Award. The study looked at publications, citations, NIH funding, and the leadership position of award winners, among other things.

The results show that recipients of both the AATS Surgical Investigator Award and Foundation Scholarship demonstrate sustainable science with peer-reviewed publications and a high rate of receiving one or more NIH grants. The AATS Scholarships put individuals on a career path in academic surgery with impressive academic contributions and advancement to leadership roles.

The AATS Foundation Grant was awarded to 42 people. The winners have a median of 4,733 citations. During the four-year time window following the award, the winners published a median of 23 manuscripts with a median of 364 citations. Subsequent NIH grant funding was achieved by 44 percent of the award winners, al; secured 2-3 additional NIH grants. The majority of the award winners – 89 percent – were promoted, with most holding either clinical leadership or a position as department head.

The Surgical Investigator Award was given to 24 surgeons. In the four-year window since the grant was awarded, the recipients generated 37 publications with 632 citations. 26 percent secured NIH funding, all of which received second and third NIH grants. Half of the award winners received academic promotions.

“There is a narrative in academic medicine that surgery is too time-consuming to make research possible, and the data here shows that there are real opportunities for surgical researchers to get results,” said Edgar Aranga-Michel, MD / Ph .D. Candidate at the University of Pittsburgh – CMU. “The AATS fellowships are a success factor that supports a career in academic surgery.

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“The Impact of Receiving an Award from the American Association of Thoracic Surgery Foundation,” Presented by Edgar Aranda Michel, University of Pittsburgh, May 2, 2021, AATS 101st Annual Meeting.

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