Afghan War Casualty Report: May 2021

May 5 Logar province: One security force killed

Two members of the National Security Directorate, the Afghan Secret Service, were attacked by the Taliban while they were on patrol in the Joi Yak area of ​​Pul-e-Alam, the provincial capital. One director was killed and another wounded.

May 5, Takhar Province: Eight security guards killed

The Taliban attacked a security post at the entrance to the provincial capital, Taliqan, killing eight pro-government militiamen and taking one prisoner. The Taliban eventually captured the outpost.

May 5 Takhar Province: Three security forces killed

The Taliban attacked the center of Darqad district, killing two commandos and a soldier. Three security guards were also wounded in the attack.

May 5 Kabul Province: One civilian killed

A roadside bomb hit a bus by a medical team from Panjshir Province to Pul-e-Daryay-e-Kalakan area of ​​Kalakan District. One civilian was killed and three others injured. The Taliban denied any involvement in the incident.

May 5 Kabul Province: One policeman killed

Mohammad Tahir, a company commander in the security department of the Afghan parliament, was shot dead in the First Police District of the capital Kabul.

May 5 Paktika province: One policeman killed

The Taliban attacked security outposts in the Dewana Baba area of ​​Sarawza district. As the police moved in, a district police chief was killed in a roadside bomb and three of his bodyguards were injured.

May 4th Zabul Province: One civilian killed

Unidentified armed men on a motorcycle shot dead a civilian in the center of Qalat, the provincial capital.