#Roomies, you may have to start walking into that drawer full of condiments if you want some ketchup.

People have ordered so much that there is a shortage of ketchup packages across the country.

According to @cnn, restaurants have a hard time stocking up on condiments, especially ketchup packets. This is supposedly because more people are ordering due to the pandemic.

@cnn also reports that Heinz – the country’s largest ketchup producer – is in the midst of chaos.

The company is working to “add production lines that will increase production by approximately 25% for a total of more than 12 billion packages per year.”

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we made strategic manufacturing investments to keep pace with the increasing demand for ketchup packages caused by accelerated delivery and take-out trends. At the same time, we have accelerated future-oriented culinary and packaging innovations as well as further expansion of manufacturing Plans, “reports Steve Cornell, president of Kraft Heinz Enhancer, specialty and off-home business,” reports CNN.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some people are selling their ketchup packages online amid the pandemic. “A woman from Indianapolis who sold 20 packages for $ 8 (reasonable!) And a man from Illinois who tried to sell individual packages for $ 4 each (???). According to the Journal, the listing of the latter was: “There is a shortage. Don’t try to knock me down, I know what I have, ”says Gizmodo.

If it’s safe, we all know someone with an unlimited supply of ketchup kept somewhere.

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