Arsenal outcast Mesut Ozil 'pockets £8 MILLION loyalty bonus'... despite not playing a single minute in SEVEN MONTHS — RT Sport News

Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil has reportedly received a £ 8m ($ 10.4m) loyalty bonus despite not having played for the Gunners since March.

31-year-old Ozil was not included in a matchday squad by Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta this season and has not played a single minute of football for the London club since Covid-19 closed in March.

This hasn’t stopped the former Germany international from receiving a lucrative loyalty bonus, which The Athletic said he deposited in September as part of the £ 350,000-per-week contract extension he signed in 2018.

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Ozil’s contract runs until the summer of 2021, but he’s become an outcast under Arteta who initially seemed ready to give the midfielder a fresh start when he took over Unai Emery in December.

Ozil – the top earner in the Emieraten – received a number of games on the Spaniard’s arrival but has once again fallen from grace and is widely viewed as unsuitable for Arteta’s new high-intensity approach.

Despite being moved to the sidelines, World Champion Ozil has often reiterated his commitment to Arsenal and will remain at the club through the summer transfer window – though that is likely due to potential applicants unable to match his whopping wages.

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Ozil was struck off Arsenal’s squad list for his UEFA Europa League campaign last week, further signaling Arteta’s reluctance to play him. By keeping his playtime down, the Gunners are at least saving money on the cost of looks.

Last week, Ozil also offered to pay the salary for the man who plays the role of Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus after reports that he was laid off after 27 years for coronavirus-related cuts.

While Ozil was hailed for the move, some saw it as a “flex” against the Arsenal hierarchy after being ousted from the team.

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