In 2015, Jagex released bonds in the game Old School Runescape. These are purchasable items that can be exchanged for real money or gold on the Grand Exchange within-game. The price of one bond is $6.99 or get them for about 3 million OSRS GP.

You can purchase a Runescape bond with real money. The bond will be tradeable and you’ll have the option to sell it for gold or use it as currency when trading items with another player! However, if you buy from someone else’s shop or they decide to take your bonds off of your hands, then there is an additional fee involved that requires 10% upfront in order to make them tradeable again (approximately 300K gold).

OSRS Bonds Benefits

You can also redeem your bond for membership, when you have one Runescape Bond it’s worth 14 days of membership. When you redeem two bonds, that becomes 29 days of OSRS membership. Three bonds give you 45 days of membership.

Members who are interested in changing their display name can do so with a Runescape bond. You don’t need to have the bonds to change your username on the website, however.

One reason Runescape players love bonds is that it gives them a chance to buy membership without spending real money. With their hard-earned gold, they can purchase the game’s subscription and save themselves plenty of cash in the long run.

OSRS bonds allow a player to access exclusive minigames and OSRS quests where you can team up with friends and earn more experience. It is an excellent way to connect with an extensive network of gamers from amateurs to experienced ones.

If you’re trying to level up your OSRS skills, it’s best to get some OSRS bonds and exchange them for RuneScape membership.

Will I Lose My RuneScape Bonds After Death?

Bonds are a type of currency that cannot be lost on death, and they can only be obtained by buying them with real money or trading for it. For starters, there is no other way to get bonds in the game aside from purchasing it.

How Many OSRS Bonds Can I Keep?

Old School uneScape players can store up to 20 bonds before they reach the maximum limit. They either have to sell, use, or trade the bond before they can add more bonds.

Alternative to OSRS Bonds

Trading OSRS bonds for RS memberships may be a thing of the past. You can now buy RuneScape memberships at 1/3 its original cost!


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