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With only three days left, Trump will hold four rallies in Pennsylvania while Biden battles Obama in Michigan.

  • Joe Biden will fight Barack Obama in Michigan, while Donald Trump will hold four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday.
  • Mike Pence will be traveling to North Carolina while Kamala Harris will be in Florida, a state that will lead the way in these elections.
  • The American Medical Association criticizes Trump’s claims that doctors are increasing the COVID-19 death toll as “malicious, outrageous and utterly misguided”.
  • With just three days until election day, more than 89.5 million people have already cast their votes in the 2020 elections, which corresponds to a whopping 65 percent of all votes counted in 2016.

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Trump’s Biggest Election Promises: Did He Deliver?

As election day draws nearer, President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden are making their final moves with American voters, promoting what is to come and especially boasting of their accomplishments.

From building a border wall with Mexico to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, to cutting taxes and creating jobs, we’re breaking Trump’s five biggest pledges from his 2016 campaign to gauge the progress he’s made as president.

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The medical group rejects Trump’s claim that doctors are inflating the COVID-19 obituary for money

The American Medical Association, the largest group of doctors and medical students in the United States, has criticized Trump’s proposal during a rally in Michigan Friday night that doctors increase the number of coronavirus deaths in the country in order to get more money.

“Our doctors get more money when someone dies of COVID. You know that right? I mean, our doctors are very smart people. So you say, “I’m sorry, but everyone is dying of COVID,” Trump said without giving any evidence.

The medical organization declined the president’s comments, calling them “malicious, outrageous, and utterly misdirected charges”.

“Rather than attacking us and bringing unfounded charges against doctors, our leaders should follow science and demand compliance with public health steps we know about – wear a mask, wash hands, and practice physical distancing,” the AMA said in a Statement on Friday.

For months, Trump has tried to downplay the risks of COVID-19 and has been criticized by public health experts, health workers, Democratic lawmakers and others [Carlos Barria/Reuters]