Bounce House Rentals are a great way of adding excitement to any event, no matter how small or large. Bounce House Rentals are the perfect solution to any event, whether it’s a birthday party or an adult party. Bounce houses offer unique and exciting entertainment that will keep your guests busy for hours. There are so many options for bounce houses that you can choose from to suit your needs. Bounce House Rentals have a wide range of inflatable options, including water slides and obstacles. They are sure to provide the perfect setup to keep your guests happy and entertained this summer.

Bounce House Rentals Aledo can provide unique inflatable rentals with your favorite cartoon characters or characters! Bounce House Rentals can provide the perfect party rental for children, teens, and adults. From Water Slides to Obstacles and everything in between Bounce House Rentals have something to fit your needs. Bounce House Rentals can provide a variety of bounce houses that will delight everyone, whether you are looking for one for a family event, a corporate party, or even a competition. Our rental inventory has everything you need: water slides, obstacle courses, and more.

Water Slides. Bounce House Rentals stocks a wide variety of bounce house water slides that will delight your guests. Water slides can be customized with music, videos, lights and more to create a unique atmosphere that will make your guests remember you. You can find the right unit for your event, indoor or outdoor, no matter what size you are.

Obstacle Course

Bounce House Rentals has a wide range of obstacle courses that can be made from any material. You can find any course you need, including zip lines, springs and ladders. Bounce house operators often offer a custom design to ensure you’ll get the right course for your event and are able to set up shop quickly and efficiently.

Fun Obstacles and Dry Slides Bounce house operators love to tell their customers that they can’t get enough of their bounce houses. There are many options for bouncy play structures today, from exciting water slides to fun jump obstacles. Bounce houses without a water slides? We have plenty of dry slides for your next family or school event.

Combination Party Rentals A Bounce House Party is the ideal solution for two children who need a space to play. Bounce houses come with a variety sizes and many different styles. Some offer slide Jammers, which will literally shake your children awake when they land on the slide. Other rentals offer a mix of dry slides as well as a variety inflatable slides and obstacles. You can choose to rent a bounce house that is both inflatable and dry.