Bounce houses are a fun way to enjoy summertime fun for children and adults of all ages. There are smaller, more portable bounce houses as well as larger, more spacious bounce houses that can be used at parties or other gatherings.

Bounce houses rentals offer a variety of combo inflatables & Corporate Events as well as bounce house rentals for children up to three years old. You can choose from a variety of themed inflatable slides to suit your occasion. From water slides decorated with cartoon characters to slides created especially for boys and girls, you’ll find lots of choices. Water slides can be fun whether they’re part of a combo rental or part of the whole package. The slides are usually themed and made to withstand multiple jumpers. You might consider renting a mini-smooth or bouncehouse instead of paying full price for bounce house rentals.

When you rent bounce house rentals, you may be able to choose the kind of inflatable slide you want to have. Water slides are great for entertaining children on hot days or at events when the weather is not ideal. If the water slide you rent has a bumper, you don’t need to worry about wet slides. Bounce house rentals usually include slides that can accommodate two or more jumpers. You should rent a rental that offers several slides if there are a lot of children attending your party.

Another feature that is very popular is the use of colorful vinyl lettering on the bouncers or the sides of the slides. Some bounce houses even have lights incorporated into their designs. These features can add excitement and fun to your party rental. Glow in the dark bumpers are also available from some companies. This will add a unique glow in the water at your event. It can also be fun for children who don’t like dark.

Types of Bounce Houses

Bounce house rentals can be found in many theme parks and amusement parks across the country. Many amusement parks will offer rental of separate sections of obstacle courses for children, so they can have the thrill of jumping through loops and over hurdles. Obstacle course rentals have also become very popular at family-oriented events like parties.

Renting bounce houses will make your next event a success. You can rent them at any party rental store, even ones that specialize in theme parks attractions. The cool thing about these inflatables is that they are made for adults and children. They provide the same thrill as an obstacle course, but are designed to be played by two people. It allows for two people to have fun together, and you can enjoy some quality time. You can make them part in an annual event such as a backyard barbecue and fill them with beer.