Boxer shows off horrific injury after fighting FIVE ROUNDS with BROKEN JAW (GRAPHIC) — RT Sport News

Boxer Benjamin Hussain showed off the “terrible” broken jaw he suffered on Thursday after amazingly managing to fight the injury five rounds before a doctor stopped the fight.

Hussain sustained the injury in the second round of his loss to Ben Mahoney, but the bout did not end until he was treated by the doctor after the sixth round.

In a gruesome video he posted on Instagram from his hospital bed, the Australian revealed the extent of his injury, in which the swollen left side of his jaw is completely separated from the right while his mouth is filled with blood.


The 21-year-old didn’t seem too concerned by the disturbing injury and wrote the video: “This is boxing. Thank you everyone, I am 100% back. “

Commentator Ben Damon described the injury as “terrible” and said, “We thought it might be a tongue or a cut in the mouth.

“But it’s a broken jaw and with these words Benjamin Hussain showed that he is tough beyond the world.

“He went through the vast majority of this fight with what appeared to be a very, very badly damaged mouth and jaw.”

Hussain could see bleeding from his mouth in the second round, but it wasn’t until much later in the fight that he was assessed by the doctor who immediately told him, “It’s broken, you can’t fight.”

The fighter replied, “I know, I know, I know,” but after the referee told him that stopping the fight would give Mahoney a TKO win – after apparently asking if the fight would be judged on the scorecards instead could be – he said he wanted to continue: “Ok, I’ll go. I will go.”

The referee replied, “Look, if you don’t take the doctor’s advice I honestly …” before the doctor intervened one last time to explain the contest, “Your jaw is broken, mate. It I’m sorry, I really am. I mean, it’s broken badly, we have to stop. I can’t. “

It seems like a visit to the scorecards didn’t bring him a win as, according to BoxRec, all three judges scored the fight in Mahoney’s favor.

The fight was Hussain’s third as a professional and his first loss.

Mahoney extended his record to 10-0 with his sixth knockout win.

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