Breonna Taylor’s Family Calls Out The Justice System For Failing Her: ‘You Robbed The World Of A Queen’

Breonna Taylor’s family made a strong statement Friday morning calling on the justice system for abandoning their beautiful daughter, sister and niece.

In the family’s first public address since a Louisville grand jury failed to indict the three officers who killed Breonna Taylor for her death, the family expressed disappointment with Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron as well as the other officials involved in her case.

“The judge who signed the search warrant let her down. The terrorist who broke into her door failed, ”said Breonna’s aunt when she read a statement from Breonna’s mother while wearing Breonna’s EMT jacket. “The system as a whole failed. Not only did you rob me and my family, you robbed a queen’s world. “

Benjamin Crump held the press conference to allow the family to speak amid city protests demanding justice for Breonna.

Crump also used the conference as an opportunity to request Cameron to release the minutes of the grand jury proceedings, according to CNN.

“Breonna Taylor’s entire family is heartbroken … and confused and confused, as are all of us, what Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron presented to the grand jury,” said Crump. “Has he produced evidence on behalf of Breonna Taylor or has he unilaterally decided to put his thumb on the scales of justice in an attempt to exonerate and justify (the killing) these cops?”

“Release the transcript!”

Crump announced that he anticipates another federal investigation into justice for Breonna after only one of the officers who shot her, Brett Hankison, was charged with three wanton threats for putting Breonna’s neighbors in danger from his wreck-free fire had brought.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates from Crump and the secondary investigation.

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