Cat-astrophe! Wife of Russian hockey star posts gruesome picture of scars after run-in with family cat (PHOTO) — RT Sport News

Evgeniya Tikhonova, who is married to ex-NHL player Viktor Tikhonov, revealed a photo that shows a series of scars on her face that she believes were created when she was attacked by her domestic cat.

The stunning Tikhonova says she was on an antibiotic class and received a tetanus shot after her cat Sophia hit her after a passing dog “playfully” jumped on her cat, leaving her with cuts and abrasions on her left side her face.

“When you think, ‘Well, 2020 is almost over and soon everything will be great!’ And then – BAM – it suddenly hits you in the face and reminds you who is responsible here, “she wrote on Instagram.

“My face shows the consequences of a fight between our cat and a passing dog who playfully jumped on Sophia. The cat has decided to ‘protect’, in the end I have a sewn face, antibiotics and a new tetanus vaccine.

“Everything is fine, now I’m just more beautiful than any Christmas tree!” she closed before adding the hashtag # f ** kyou2020.

She also noted how she expected to see some scars on her face once the damage from the cat attack healed, but judging by the tone of her post, it doesn’t seem like she’s taking it too hard for Sophia – who would probably have eight more lives if Evgeniya sought some degree of revenge.

While she says her face now looks like a Christmas tree, it may be time to give Sophia a catnip as a festive treat to prevent situations like this from happening again.

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