Columbus, Ohio, shooting: Police officer shot and killed 15-year-old girl with knife, police say and bodycam video shows

Police responded to a 4:32 pm call by stating that “women were there to stab them and put their hands on them,” said Michael Woods, interim police chief of Columbus, Tuesday evening.

The officers reacted to the location and, according to the first officer’s bodycam footage, the officer approaches a group of people in the driveway in front of a house.

The video shows how the 15-year-old quickly moves towards another girl with a knife and the girl falls to the ground. The officer yells, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, get down!” before the 15-year-old appears to fall on a second girl with a knife, according to the video.

The officer tells her to “Down! Down! Down! Down!” and then shoots four shots at the 15-year-old.

An officer takes care of the shooting victim, who the police do not identify. Officers checked the woman for injuries and called a medic as per the protocol, Woods said.

Police had no information on whether the other two people were injured, Woods said.

The officer is being taken off the street pending an investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) into the Ohio Attorney General, Woods added. The investigation then goes to the Franklin County Grand Jury and then back to the police department for internal review, Woods said.

“We know that based on this footage, the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community,” said Andrew Ginther, Columbus Mayor, during the news conference. “But a family is grieving tonight and this young 15 year old girl will never come home.”

After the shooting, a crowd gathered at the scene. Some said “enough is enough” and requested the video with the body camera, according to CNN subsidiary WSYX-TV. The shooting takes place the same day that former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. Floyd family attorney Ben Crump tweeted, “As we took a collective breath today, a Columbus community felt the sting of another police shot.”