Knee Pain After Surgery?

 So that achy knee finally gave you cause to have it operated on. A few days of discomfort followed by some physical therapy and you are as good as new. Right? But what if that’s wrong and you still have knee pain after surgery? Well, no one said that surgery was guaranteed to work. Maybe you have to learn to live with it. Maybe you need to learn about Trigenics. Trigenics is a neuro-kinetic, sensorimotor assessment, treatment, and training system, which instantly relieves pain and increases strength and movement. This is not to say that you did not need the surgery for your knee pain. Perhaps it was not enough to stop all the pain.

Knee On Trac Solution For Chronic Knee Pain Stamford CT

 Trigenics is a very different way to eliminate pain pathways that exist between the site of pain and the brain where the pain is perceived and processed. The nerves are called Golgi Tendon Organs and Muscle Spindle Cells. These nerves have the ability to send and receive information to the brain. For many reasons these nerves start to misfire giving the brain faulty information which in turn gives the muscles and tendons in your leg, where you find these receptors bad advice if any. The line can go dead and the normal feedback loop is interrupted. The muscle and tendon become dysfunctional and the tissue either contracts or is too weak to do its job. 

Knee On Trac Solution For Chronic Knee Pain Darien CT


 This is why you would have pain in the knee after knee surgery and physical therapy. Trigenics is a system to identify the weak and contracted muscles that can cause you pain. The Trigenics treatment resets the neurological link between the muscles, tendons, and the brain. Not everyone is willing to study Trigenics. That is too bad there are many people who have chronic pain that can be helped with Trigenics. If you are experiencing knee pain you would do yourself a great service to try Trigenics out before you have surgery. Patients can feel a difference in their knee pain in as little as 2 treatments, it is that effective. If you have had knee surgery and continue to have problems you definitely need to give Trigenics out to solve your knee pain.

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