CVS Rapid-Result Tests: Q&A

According to a recent press release, CVS Health will offer COVID-19 rapid tests in nearly 1,000 of its pharmacies by the end of 2020.

The rapid tests are available free of charge to anyone who meets the criteria of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Faster identification of COVID-19 cases will help reduce the spread of the virus and give people faster access to treatment for other viral diseases such as the flu and strep, CVS Health reported.

When can I get a quick test?

Some rapid test websites will be available this week. The remaining rapid test sites will be introduced by the end of the year. A list of the test pages can be found here.

Who can be tested?

CDC testing criteria include people with COVID-19 symptoms and people who have been exposed to a person with the virus – defined as being within 6 feet of the person for at least 15 minutes – and people who have been told to be a doctor testing.

How do I register for a test?

Visit the test page for CVS COVID-19 and follow the instructions.

What happens at the test location?

There are signs or staff in the pharmacy to instruct you and give you instructions. Once the sample is taken, you will be asked to wait in your car for the results. This takes about 30 minutes.

What do I do if the test is negative?

If the test is negative, you have the option of making an appointment with a provider at CVS MinuteClinic. The MinuteClinic provider can make an assessment and decide whether a flu or strep test is needed, and provide additional treatments or referrals if necessary.

What do I do if the test is positive?

“In all cases, when the test results are available, patients will receive an information pack on the next steps to be followed. We meet all state and federal reporting requirements, ”wrote Joe Goode, senior director of corporate communications for CVS Health, in an email to Medical Daily.

Can I get tested anywhere?

Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid offer free COVID-19 tests. However, these are not 30 minute quick tests. You wait at least 24 hours for your test result.

What about antibody tests?

Kroger offers rapid antibody testing at its Michigan pharmacies and Ralphs Pharmacies in California. The test, which uses a small blood sample from a fingerprint, will be available in Kroger pharmacies and clinics nationwide in late November. The cost is $ 25, and the results will take about 15 minutes.