Daredevil Russian gymnastics queen Aleksandra Soldatova thrills with free-fall parachute jump (PHOTOS) — RT Sport News

Former Russian rhythm gymnastics star Alexandra Soldatova has swapped her jersey for a skydiver outfit to make her very first skydive.

The four-time world champion made her daring maiden attempt to try the exciting stunt together with a parachutist.

“There are no words, just emotions,” she wrote excitedly in the headline of a series of images shared on social media.

“I’m glad. I will definitely do it again and not just once.”

The 22-year-old has enjoyed life after retirement and has tried a number of new hobbies that she had not had time for during her demanding professional career.

Soldatova was widely recognized as one of the prime contenders for the gold medal at the Tokyo Summer Olympics before she was forced to quit her sport last year after a long battle with bulimia.

In an interview, she said she had dreamed of resuming her athletic career, but health problems caused her to quit gym without seeing the Olympics as her battle with the eating disorder made a return to the professional cycle impossible.

“I had a tough decision to make: either exercise or my health,” she said.

“I wanted to go back to the sport and start exercising again, but my body said no.”

In addition to skydiving, Soldatova has taken private lessons to brush up her skating skills and dreams of participating in the popular ‘Ice Age’ skating show hosted by Olympic champion Alina Zagitova.

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