Police chief explains what led to Daunte Wright's traffic stop

Patrick Semansky / AP

President Biden called for “peace and quiet” Monday after Daunte Wright’s fatal encounter with Minnesota police, saying his death did not justify violence or looting.

The president also said he was awaiting a full investigation into the matter before weighing the official’s intentions. He also noted that he saw the body cam footage of Wright’s traffic stop.

“We spoke to the governor and mayor, we spoke to the authorities there, and I didn’t call Daunte Wright’s family, but prayers are with their family. It really is a tragic thing that happened, but I think we’ll have to wait and see what the investigation shows – the entire investigation. You’ve all seen, I suppose – like me, the film, which is really the body camera, which is pretty graphic. The question is – was it an accident? Was it intended? That has yet to be determined through a full investigation, ”Biden told reporters.

The president said he had been briefed on the situation and continued to press against looting and violence after Wright’s death.

“But in the meantime I want to make it clear again that there is absolutely no justification for looting, none. No justification for violence. Peaceful protest – understandable. And the fact is, we know that the anger, pain and trauma that exist in the black community in this environment are real. It’s serious and it’s logical. But it won’t justify violence and / or looting, ”said Biden.

“In the meantime, I call for peace and quiet. And we should listen to Dauntes mother who demands peace and quiet, ”added the president.

When asked if the federal government should increase federal resources to keep the peace, Biden said federal resources were already in place, including those already in place in preparation for the ongoing Derek Chauvin process.

“There will be no shortage of federal government help and support if local authorities believe it is needed,” he said.

When asked if he thought the situation was razor sharp, Biden said, “I’m not going to speculate now. I am confident that there will be a judgment and outcome that will be supported by the vast majority of the people in the region and that is my expectation. “