David Adefeso Shares An Amazing Video From The Heaven He's Visiting

David Adefeso is on vacation making sure fans stay up to date via social media. Check out the post he just shared below.

“Sunrise in Heaven” – “A flock of chickens invaded my back yard” and woke me up this morning … now everyone is trying to get away quickly “!!!” David Adefeso.

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Someone said: c ‘The beautiful 🌅 sunrise … David, you are so blessed 👏👏👏..Hold it up, brother !! God is with you ‘and another follower posted this message:’ Nice … wish I could go on vacation … have fun. ‘

Someone else said, “This place looks like my home country Jamaica,” and one commenter wrote, “Just perfect, with serenity and cock. Reminds you it’s morning.”

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One commenter posted: ‘Wow! Serenity. This crow reminds me of my village. You don’t hear that here. ‘

Someone else said: ‘@ david.adefeso Absolutely beautiful sunrise 🌞’

David Adefeso He’s on vacation these days after a tough 2021 and an even tougher 2020. He told his fans that he was going to take a jersey vacation, and he also made sure he was waiting to find his soulmate.

Check out the view he had from his vacation home.

“Home away from home”. Feels so good to get away sometimes. I really needed this, “wrote David, and one commenter said,” Can you send me your itinerary so I can plan my solo vacation there too? 😲 ‘he wrote.

We revealed that just recently David Adefeso told his fans and followers that he is on vacation and hopes to find his soulmate soon.

On the way to a warm tropical island. First vacation in a year😭😭. Fuck going on vacation alone. Hopefully I’ll find my soulmate soon … “David wrote.

David is trying to recover from a difficult 2020 in which he broke up with Tamar Braxton. Stay tuned for more news.