Donald Trump Jokes He May Leave The Country If He Loses The Presidential Election To Joe Biden

Donald Trump jokes with his supporters that if he loses the presidential election to Vice President Joe Biden, he would leave the country.

Could Donald Trump anticipate the future? It looks like he is weighing all the possible outcomes of this choice and finding a possible solution if things don’t go his way.

He told a crowd of followers on Friday night in Macon, Georgia that he was going up against a man he called “the worst candidate in the history of presidential policy.”

Not only did Trump admit that he was under pressure against former Vice President Joe Biden, he even suggested that he couldn’t stand the embarrassment of losing to Biden and may have to leave the US if he did.

“What will I do? I will say I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics,” Trump told his supporters. “I will not feel so good. Maybe I have to leave the country. I do not know. “

Trump’s words come after some notable rock stars say the exact same thing … but about him. Bruce Springsteen and Tommy Lee recently said they would leave the country if Trump were re-elected.

Things are starting to get tense with elections approaching in just a few weeks, while some cities and states like Texas are seeing impressive early-stage voting numbers. Roland Martin can testify to that!

Stay with us for election reporting and join us on election night! And as always, register to vote and vote early!

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