On Thursday, Dr. Martin Tobin, who is of Co Kilkenny and now lives in the Chicago area, called back to the booth for a counter-argument to support the defense witness Dr. David Fowler, to debunk that George Floyd may have died of carbon monoxide poisoning from the officer’s patrol car.

He explained, “When hemoglobin is 98 percent saturated, it tells you that all that was there for everything else is two percent, so the maximum amount of carbon monoxide would be two percent.”

Blackwell asked, “In other words, as for the statement, that his [Floyd’s] Carboxyhemoglobin could have increased by 10 to 18 percent, is that not possible in your opinion? “

“It’s just wrong,” said Dr. Tobin, adding that Floyd’s level was 2 percent or less, which is “normal”.

As previously reported, while Fowler has no actual evidence, he testified that Floyd did not “solely” die of carbon monoxide poisoning, but that those associated with heart disease were “adversely affected” by carbon monoxide.

As you know, Derek Chauvin chose not to testify and invoked his fifth right of amendment if he killed George Floyd.

Chauvin assured Judge Peter Cahill that his decision was up to him and that he had been well informed several times by his lawyer.

“I have repeatedly told you that this is your decision and only your decision,” his attorney Eric Nelson told Chauvin in court.