Dwayne Haskins’s benching came as a surprise and disappointment to several analysts

“I scratched my head,” said Hall, who is now an analyst for the team’s radio shows, on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access”. “… It just leaves me in disbelief and almost amazed.”

Rivera told reporters that Allen’s experience in offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s system from her two years with the Carolina Panthers was a factor in his decision to turn to the 24-year-old, who threw 16 interceptions in 12 starts instead of a Cam Newton injured last season. Washington swapped a fifth round election in March to acquire Allen, but with no real competition for the starting role at training camp, Hall thought the 2020 season would be an extended audition for Haskins to show if he was the long-term answer for a team is constantly looking for a quarterback.

“By [Rivera] When we put the ultimate trust in Dwayne Haskins, we believe he is the guy, and this season has been about growing the franchise in the right direction, ”said Hall. “Look, I don’t know if Dwayne can play Haskins or not. The point is, I want to find out if he can, and I just don’t believe in what we’ve seen of him so far that I can draw that conclusion. ”

Hall wasn’t alone in questioning the timing and reasons for Rivera’s move. ESPN’s Michael Wilbon argued that Haskins is essentially a rookie, with only 11 starts in his career, and rookie quarterbacks are supposed to “stink”. Peyton Manning went 3-13 and Troy Aikman was 0-11 in their early years as a starter, he noted.

“It just seems so rushed and hasty to put this guy on the bench, and why because you have a guy you couldn’t win with, somewhere else, who is familiar with your system?” Wilbon said, “Sorry for the interruption.” “I love Ron Rivera. I’m ready to choose Ron Rivera because he was part of my favorite team of my life, the ’85 bears. But that seems to me ‘what ?!’ “

“Imagine giving up Ron Rivera after his first four games as head coach (1-3),” Avery tweeted before realizing Turner’s lack of success as a player. “Or his first 6 games (1-5). Or even his first season as head coach with a full off-season (6-10). “

During an appearance on Peacock’s “Brother From Another,” Avery told hosts Michael Holley and Michael Smith that Haskins “was not put in a position to be successful” and “needed someone who really believed in him.” He also stated in a tweet he posted on Wednesday that the proposed race may have been a factor in preventing Haskins from being given more time to prove himself.

“I’m not saying he’s a bench because he’s a black quarterback,” said Avery. “It’s not at all. But because he’s a black quarterback, he doesn’t have the same opportunities to do the things that other white or other quarterbacks would offer in his situation. ”

Several experts pointed out that Washington’s relative lack of playmakers on the offensive was an aggravating factor in getting a fair assessment of Haskins’ development.

“I didn’t think they would give [Haskins] A great opportunity, given what’s around him and what they’re asking of him, “NFL analyst Brian Baldinger told Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan.” You’re not productive in this position, but me don’t know that the talent around him outside of Terry McLaurin is really worth making great decisions now. … I don’t know Kyle Allen will do a lot better or Alex Smith will do a lot better, but they just need more production of their offense. ”

Haskins hit a career high of 314 yards against the Ravens on Sunday, but he made four turnovers in a loss to the Browns the week before. Washington ranks 30th in points per game.

“I don’t feel too good about it,” said Peter Schrager on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football”. “Let Haskins play as long as you can until you have to change something. I am not for it. I’ve never liked pulling a young quarterback and blaming the quarterback when the offensive line is clearly not what it should be, they got rid of their setbacks in the off-season, and the broad receivers are such a young group. ”

Schrager’s co-host Kyle Brandt disagreed and said he liked the move because it was the “tough decision”.

“It tells me that Ron Rivera doesn’t just want to play the string, he wants to win this season, he wants to crank this thing,” said Brandt. “… The simple message is that Rivera is not satisfied with just idling and going 4-12 this year. He wants to win right now and he doesn’t care whose feelings he hurts.”

After Rivera preached the importance of development versus wins in the first four weeks and failed to use his time out in the fourth quarter of two games with two points to protect his players from injury, he admitted on Wednesday that he saw an opportunity to compete in the terrible NFC East. With 1-3, Washington is only half a game behind the 1-2-1 Philadelphia Eagles for the division leadership.

Former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann said Haskins’ bank was “a test” for the young quarterback and possibly just a minor setback in his development.

“I wouldn’t say in any way that Dwayne is completely exhausted, he can’t play, it’s all over,” said Theismann on Team 980. “I just think that the circumstances this year didn’t allow him to really get up . ” to accelerate. … What [Washington’s coaches] The movie from week 1 to where we are now wasn’t enough to make you feel like the quarterback position gave the team a chance at victory. ”

Others are convinced that Rivera, who pulls the plug on Haskins, is now signaling that the trainer has already chosen the young signaler.

“If you drop a man on the third string and one of the men in front of him has a leg, I think that’s the end for that kid in Washington,” said Wilbons co-host Tony Kornheiser, referring to Rivera’s decision to Alex Smith Backup quarterback against the Rams. “I think you are in the Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes now.”

Team 980 host Steve Czaban also sees this as the end for Haskins in Washington.

“This is going to be a wrap kids,” he said on Wednesday. “The era of Dwayne Haskins is over. And let me tell you, I feel sick for the kid. He didn’t get a representative chance. … This is the biggest panic attack, perhaps since Jim Zorn named false swinging gate field goals one Sunday night in a row. This step is a disaster. It’s a failure because every time you bench a healthy starting quarterback in week 4 for not being able to play and you spent number 1 on him, it is an organizational failure. … You failed again, Washington Football Team. You do that. ”