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Eboy Hair - Get The Look!

May 6

What Is An Eboy?
Before we get into the hairstyle, let's define what an eBoy is—or who an eBoy is. An eBoy is a person who is primarily interested in the Internet, social media, and gaming. Their look is a cross between emo and hipster, with black clothing, painted nails, and a skateboard. Their signature curtain hairstyles are also well-known.

What Is Eboy Haircut?
What should be addressed first is how to harness an eBoy sense in their staple haircut. So, according to the eBoy definition, this is a form of men's hairstyle that features long strands of hair on the top of the head that are defined by a middle part and fashioned to look like curtains.

The 90s era continues to influence how we dress, from classic leather jackets to acid-wash denim. The eboy haircut is the latest in a long line of common styles making a comeback.

What Fashion Looks Good With an Eboy Hair Cut?
Finding egirl or eboy clothes is a tricky one but we'd suggest you go ahead and check out YesStyle for their range of clothes that would match your super cool eboy hair.

You might be curious what you'll be letting yourself into if you want to pursue the eBoy trend for yourself. Hair that is longer in length, normally falling around the ear, is used in the eBoy haircut, also known as a curtain hairstyle. The hair is parted down the centre, with curtain bangs covering the face on either side. Men of all hair styles, from straight to curly, will rock the eBoy cut.

The eboy may be one of the simplest hairstyles for young men to adopt of all the hairstyles available. Grow your hair out longer than an undercut or buzzcut to achieve the eboy look. These 'bangs' are usually from the temples to the ears in length. Part your hair down the middle with a comb or brush until it's long enough. Natural bangs frame all sides of the face in the finished style. Growing out and parting your hair isn't the only prerequisite for the perfect variant of the eboy haircut, as plain as it may seem from the outside. This low-maintenance look is ideal for high school students and hipsters alike!

Disheveled Eboy Hairstyle
Josh Hewitt, a TikTok actor, nails his laid-back take on the Eboy style. His coarse hair frames his face instead of separating from the middle section. Brush your hair forward over your forehead with a subtle gap in the middle for Curtains to achieve the same look.

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