#EndSARS Trends On Twitter As Young Nigerians Protest Police Brutality & Social Profiling

#EndSARS has become a trending topic because young Nigerians decided to stand up against a rogue police unit. According to Quartz Africa, people have taken to the streets for the past two days to protest against the Special Anti Robbery Squad (also known as SARS) and to profile the youth so their voices can be heard.

According to reports, this unit was originally formed in 1992. Civilians should be protected from armed robbers, but the opposite is true. With alleged reports of illegal detentions, murders and extortion, young adults in Nigeria are calling for the unity to disband.

Many also report that SARS profiles young Nigerians who have locomotives or dyed hair, piercings and anything that appears to be of status.

According to the BBC, Amnesty found that men between the ages of 17 and 30 were allegedly targeted. “Young men with dreadlocks, ripped jeans, tattoos, flashy cars or expensive equipment are often attacked by SARS,” Amnesty said.

Once profiled, many are allegedly attacked, raped, and even killed.

According to the BBC, the hashtag was originally used last Saturday after SARS officers allegedly killed a young man.

On Sunday, the Nigerian General Inspector of Police, Mohammed Adamu, banned the SARS unit from setting up roadblocks and searching. He also stated that they must wear uniforms while allegedly promising that the unit would be examined.

An investigation by the rights group Amnesty International published in June accused Sars officials of “using torture and other ill-treatment to carry out, punish and extract information from suspects,” reports the BBC.

It is also claimed that 82 cases were documented between January 2017 and May 2020.

John Boyega spoke about police brutality. He tweeted, “The youth in Nigeria deserve good guidance and guidance. This situation is associated with many other problems. Please draw your attention to this urgent problem! #EndSARS Sofort #EndSARSProtest #EndSars ”

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