Eva Marcille's Latest Photos Of Markey Rae Show The Young Lady In Sync With Her Mom - Check Out Her Sweet Look!

Eva Marcille has released some new pictures with her beautiful daughter Markey Rae. Fans love her and they said that the young lady in these photos is partnering with her mother.

Check out the post Eva shared on her IG account below.

“Grand Rising with my on Sunshine”, Marley Rae Sterling, “Loc Loving”, Eva has given her contribution a title.

Someone said, ‘She’s a cutie! I love your hair! ‘and one commenter posted this message: “Fine, just curious if she’ll keep her locks as she gets older.”

Another fan wrote, “Their hair is exactly how black people should wear their hair… .Of course. It is wonderful!!’ and one follower said, “I love her hair and I’m glad Eva locked her own hair in such a way that MarleyRae feels in sync with her mother.”

Another Instagrammer posted this: “The dream catchers in her salmon are so adorable on so many levels” and one fan said, “Grand Rising !! She’s the prettiest little lady. ‘

Someone else wrote, ‘Marley is just too cute. Love, love, love their locks. Now you both fit together. I’m sure Marley loves this too. ‘

Another follower said, “What a sweet cake! You did a great job, mom, making your babies happy. Marley is unhindered from what you’ve been through to get her to the place in life. Rest and peace. ‘

Someone else posted: ‘She is beautiful !! You know she looks just like her father! ???????? ‘and one commenter said,’ She is beautiful. I’m working on getting my daughter’s hair like this. We recently attended a consultation. It will be smaller; but it is very expensive. ‘

Many people continued to praise Marky’s beauty in the comments.

In other news, Eva Marcille was celebrating her little boy’s birthday, Maverick. She shared a video on her social media account that impressed fans.


‘It’s a birthday girl !!! Happy first birthday to my lovely, lovely Maverick. May the blessings of God shine on you as Your light shines on our families, ”she wrote.

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