Ex-UFC king Cormier laughs at Jake Paul call-out, tells YouTuber to fight someone his own size — RT Sport News

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier made fun of becoming the latest target of a farcical call-out from YouTuber Jake Paul and told the rookie boxer to finally fight a pro at his level.

The internet celebrity is fresh from a first round KO of ex-Bellator and A King Ben Askren – who also tried and failed to start in the UFC where Cormier is now an expert.

The 24-year-old shared a post from Cormier in which he said the way Paul spoke to UFC fighter Tyron Woodley “made his skin creep” and warned that “a lesson is being taught to all of these kids “, wrote the 24-year-old:” OK, fat boy. So me against you and [J’Leon Love] vs. [Woodley]? ”

Cormier took the turn and said on his podcast: “This guy would never fight me. I would kill him. Why should I ever fight someone like this?”

“But my immediate reaction was, ‘I can’t stand this kid.’ So it works. I hate this kid. But who knocks down? “

Regarding his tenure as light heavyweight champion and heavyweight champion, Cormier continued, “You don’t hit anyone. I’m the guy who’s in the Hall of Fame. I’m the guy who won two world championships same time.

“What did you do to earn the right to fight me? So, no, it’s stupid and stupid. But I want him to fight Tyron. I would love to see him fight someone who is more real. “

“Don’t fight Ben Askren at 190, bloated. Fight a middleweight. Let me see you fight Luke Rockhold or someone like this.

“And then I will not just say that you have basic skills, I will say that you are a real fighter. Because at the moment everything is like that.”

Despite his mockery, Cormier has some respect for what Paul has achieved so far – although he feels like he’s about to have a rude awakening.

“It’s time to stop calling this kid a YouTuber because the kid has the understanding and basics of boxing,” said DC.

“Are they high-level basics? No, but he gets it. If he keeps fighting guys like that, he’ll continue to look like he did.”

“But the moment he fights someone who knows boxing better, that combination isn’t going to land as effectively – and even if it does, he’s not just going to kick these guys out.

“Boys will start rolling with the punch, they will stop reacting so badly to the bump on the body.”

DC would put you in a box homie. Give him the address, which he will then send back to your relatives

– The MMA Dude ™ (@philthemmadude) April 18, 2021

Fight fans tried to dissuade Paul from having a meeting with Cormier, joking: “DC would put you in a boxing homie. Give him the address [and] he will send it back to “your relatives.”

A Cormier critic told him that he was a “washed athlete” and that “many of these youngsters can only format you in the hands”.

Incredibly, the native Lafayette replied: “I don’t even know what world I live in anymore. I honestly don’t know.”

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