Eyewitnesses criticize the police response to chaos at Mount Meron

Jewish worshipers paused at the holy site of Mount Meron on Friday, trying to understand how the disaster played out.

The scene of the disaster is a stadium-style seating area where Orthodox worshipers light bonfires.

The ramp leading down to the steps remains fairly slippery after reports of water being sprayed on fleeing worshipers.

A central railing that extended down the ramp was left completely bent after the onslaught.

Eyewitness accounts from the night before also help piece together the resulting frenzy.

“The passage [where people were walking] flowed well, but suddenly everything stopped. Everyone was huddled together and no one understood why. I looked up to see police blocking the passage. We shouted, “People are dying there,” a festival goer named Zohar told Israel’s Channel 12 news.

“People have lost the color on their faces,” said Zohar. “Then bodies fell at my feet. I tried to call for help, and slowly rescue workers came up. There were some people who [rescuers] didn’t even try to revive. People lay on my feet and shouted ‘Help me’. “

Another eyewitness named Tami also criticized the police’s reaction.

“I was standing there on the roof. They sprayed water because it was very hot, then they slipped, ten people slipped, then ten more and ten more. I am still shocked and traumatized. I can’t believe what I saw They tried to move, to run away. They tried to get some breathing space, but the police didn’t let them in, “Tami told Kan News.

“I know the police did their job and didn’t know what was happening behind them, but in the end the result was incredible.”