Families gather and wait to hear information about their loved ones in Indianapolis on April 15.

Police respond to the scene of a shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. Mykal McEldowney / IndyStar Mykal McEldowney / IndyStar / Imagn content services

Indianapolis police officers responded to a situation with active shooters late Thursday evening. This is what we know.

At least eight people are dead

Eight people were killed at a FedEx facility near the main Indianapolis airport. The officers found the deceased both inside and outside the facility.

Another five people are being hospitalized with gunshot-related injuries. Others went to various hospitals in the area themselves. Indianapolis Police are still working to confirm exactly how many people were injured.

The shooting lasted between a minute and two, according to Craig McCartt, assistant director of the Indianapolis Police Department’s criminal investigation.

The suspect’s motive is unclear

The suspect took his own life shortly after the police arrived, McCartt said.

The officers are still working to pinpoint the shooter’s motive.

McCartt told CNN that the force believed the shooter had a rifle but it was unclear how many guns he had.

Families who strive to reach out to loved ones

FedEx and local police officers are trying to reunite family members with FedEx employees.

The reunification efforts have been hampered by the fact that workers do not have cell phones with them while at work. McCartt told CNN that the families had had a night of frustration and insecurity.

A number of FedEx employees have gathered at a local Holiday Inn Express and waited to reconnect with their families.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will hold a press conference today at 10:30 am ET to provide additional information.