Fire kills 13 COVID patients in India hospital: Live updates | Coronavirus pandemic News

Second such incident in Maharashtra state in two days, when India posts daily world record cases for a second consecutive day.

India reports a record number of coronavirus cases – and deaths – amid an alarming shortage of medical oxygen and beds in its hospitals as a brutal second wave of the virus overwhelms its underfunded, fragile health system.

On Friday, the world’s second most populous nation reported a daily high of nearly 332,730 new cases and recorded 2,263 deaths.

Hospitals in the North and West Indies, including the capital New Delhi, say they are full and out of oxygen.

Here are the latest updates:

16 minutes ago (04:29 GMT)

Patients die when hospitals run out of oxygen

Indian media reports said at least 25 patients have died in a hospital in the capital New Delhi in the past 24 hours after running out of oxygen.

25 sickest patients have died in the hospital in the last 24 hours. The oxygen lasts for another 2 hours. Fans and bipap are not working effectively. Need oxygen to be flown urgently. Lives of 60 more sick patients at risk: Director-Medical, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi

– ANI (@ANI) April 23, 2021

Max Healthcare, which operates a network of hospitals in North and West India, has posted an appeal on Twitter for emergency oxygen supplies at its facility in the capital, New Delhi.

“SOS – Less than an hour’s oxygen supply in the Max Smart Hospital & Max Hospital Saket. Waiting for the promised fresh deliveries from INOX since 1 am ”, said the company.

Similar desperate calls from hospitals and ordinary people have been posted on social media for days across the country this week.

32 minutes ago (04:13 GMT)

World record daily COVID cases for the second day in a row

India has had the world’s highest daily number of coronavirus cases for the second year running, while daily deaths from COVID-19 have also increased by a record high.

With 332,730 new cases, India’s total number of cases has now exceeded 16 million. According to the Ministry of Health, deaths rose by 2,263 to a total of 186,920.

India recorded 314,835 new infections on Thursday, beating the US record in January with 297,430 new cases. The US balance sheet has fallen since then.

41 minutes ago (04:04 GMT)

Fire kills 13 COVID-19 patients in Indian hospital

A fire in the intensive care unit of a hospital in the western Indian state of Maharashtra has killed 13 COVID-19 patients, an official said.

The fire on the hospital’s second floor has been extinguished and some oxygen-needing patients have been taken to nearby hospitals, said Dilip Shah, CEO of Vijay Vallabh Hospital in the Virar area, about 70 kilometers north of Mumbai.

Shah said there were 90 patients in the hospital and the cause of the fire was being investigated.

On Wednesday, 24 COVID-19 patients using ventilators died in a hospital in Nashik, another city in Maharashtra state, when their oxygen supply was cut off by a leak in a supply line.

41 minutes ago (04:04 GMT)

Canada prohibits flights from India, Pakistan

Canada has banned all flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days because of the growing wave of COVID-19 cases in that region, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said.

The ban began late Thursday, hours after India reported a global record of more than 314,000 new infections in the past 24 hours. Cargo flights from India and Pakistan will continue.

More than a million people in Canada are of Indian descent while there are 100,000 Canadians of Pakistani descent.