Fans slam LeBron James after star storms off court 10 seconds before end of shock NBA defeat (VIDEO) — RT Sport News

Los Angeles Lakers legend LeBron James enraged fans by leaving the field before his team’s loss to Miami Heat in the NBA final and coach Frank Vogel shorting three players for the final seconds of the game has come.

James scored a team high of 25 points in the third game against the Miami Heat, but couldn’t prevent a 115-104 loss that put the Heat back into the best-of-seven streak and cut a losing figure when he was on the The way back was filmed in the locker room.

No NBA team has ever recovered from 3-0 deficit to win a streak like this, and All Star striker Jimmy Butler surpassed James with 40 points as his exhausted team scored their first win against their opponents.

Lakers stars Rajon Rondo and Kyle Kuzma also left Florida a little earlier. “I think they thought it was game over,” said Vogel.

And that’s why Jordan will always be the goat. MJ would never have pulled that crap and would have walked off the field like that.

– Mike Loughlin (@ MikeLoughlin77) October 5, 2020

Well, if your teammates are playing like absolute rubbish, I’d get off the floor too.

– Joe Meyer (@ joeyjo35t) October 5, 2020

“I don’t think they noticed that there is a point that is still on the clock.”

Unimpressed viewers accused the highly skilled James of showing a definite lack of class and athleticism by not watching the game, and some even suggested that his arguably irritable actions showed why he wasn’t worth being among the greatest To be named NBA players of all time.

“That’s why Michael Jordan will always be the greatest of all time,” argued one.

“He would never have pulled that crap and would have left the place like that.”

You will find anything to tarnish Lebron’s image. They didn’t want to shake hands after this game anyway, so how does that make any kind of headline ??? Bring this shit up when they lose the show and he smh goes away. SC dropped the ball with this one!

– Ladale Martin (@ Bballprodigy26) October 5, 2020

No – you always show sportiness. Everything else is that you are 10 years old on your team and cry and sulk instead of shaking hands

– Hank Flying Ax (@HaakonMusic) October 5, 2020

Another said: “To be the ‘greatest’ means the whole package, not just in numbers. Attitude counts. Sportiness counts.

“Being a leader counts – or acting as a true leader. Disrespect for the opposing team does not.”

Apologists for the three-time NBA champion claimed and sympathized with James’ many critics who were too eager to find fault with him.

“I don’t know why you’re all looking for a reason to tear down this man’s legacy,” said one fan.

I don’t know why you are looking for a reason to tear down this man’s legacy. He only left for a few seconds. It’s an 11 point deficit, you know Space Jam was just a movie right? He won’t pull a magic trick and win!

– Wendel Toliver (@ToliverZilla) October 5, 2020

That’s why people don’t always enjoy LeBron. At least Jordan ended up shaking hands with everyone, even if he got kicked in the ass. Stay in the field and be respectful. He’s done that all his career. Idk what it is about him and just leave before the game ends

– Kyle Dodd (@ doddfather90) October 5, 2020

“He walked off the pitch in seconds. It’s an 11 point deficit. You all know Space Jam was just a movie, right? He’s not about to do a magic trick and win.”

One die-hard NBA lover said, “That would never happen in the 80s and 90s when I grew up playing basketball.

“They were actually men back then and wouldn’t do that. Embarrassing.”

When asked if he had left because of frustration or loss of time, James replied, “Both.”

To be the “goat” means the whole package, not just in numbers. Attitude matters. Sportiness counts. Being a leader counts – or acting as a true leader. Not disrespect to the opposing team.

– Richard Sam Bera OLY (@richardbera) October 5, 2020

This is a huge difference between MJ and @KingJames. MJ would never leave just because he lost. Super bad athleticism at the highest level.

– Dustin M (@ Doublebogie98) October 5, 2020

Calling Butler “phenomenal”, he added, “He did everything they needed for him tonight and he has had a great time in a big game.”

Losing all four quarters, the Lakers now face the prospect that the heat will make up for the streak unless their form improves in Tuesday’s fourth game between the teams.

“I think we realized that we belong,” beamed Butler.

“You can be beaten as long as we do what we are supposed to do.”

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