Fox News Anchors Advised To Quarantine After Possible COVID Exposure – Deadline

The president of Fox News and several of his anchors, as well as air personalities, have been advised to quarantine following possible exposure to COVID-19, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

The exposure came from an infected person who was on a charter flight from Nashville to New York, the Times reported. The plane carried Jay Wallace, President of Fox News Media, along with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, and Juan Williams and Dana Perino, and all passengers were informed of the exposure. You were in Nashville for the last presidential debate on Thursday.

A network spokesman did not confirm any details and referred to a statement made to the Times that cited the need to keep private health information confidential.

The Times reported that the anchors were expected to appear in the air from home.

Fox News and other networks had restricted appearances in the studio since the coronavirus outbreak began.

After the initial presidential debate, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, who hosted the event, tested negative. He had said he would undergo a test after President Donald Trump tested positive just two days after the event. John Roberts, Fox News’ chief correspondent at the White House, also tested negative after that event.

The Times reported that Fox News employees were regularly tested in Nashville. The Presidential Debate Commission also had its own requirements for testing before journalists and other participants at the event could gain access to the venue.