France reports highest daily increase in Covid-19 cases with more than 52,000 infections

Coronavirus cases in Italy rose by 21,273 on Sunday, a new daily high for the country since the pandemic began, according to the Ministry of Health.

In total, more than 525,000 cases have now been confirmed in the country.

An additional 128 people died from the virus on Sunday, bringing the death toll in Italy to 37,338.

1,208 people are currently living with Covid-19 in intensive care units in Italy.

The new numbers are coming, as Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed at a press conference announcing new restrictions that the “epidemic curve in Italy is increasing rapidly”.

But Conte said he wanted to avoid a nationwide lockdown like the one imposed in March because “the country couldn’t afford it”.

Italy imposes new measures: In Italy, new coronavirus restrictions are due to come into force on Monday.

In contrast to the country’s national lockdown in March, not all economic and production activities need to be suspended under the new decree.

The main restrictions affect bars and restaurants, as well as other catering services. They must close at 6 p.m. local time and cannot have more than four customers per table. Gyms, swimming pools, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, bingo halls, casinos and beauty centers must close.

Kindergartens and elementary schools remain open, but to avoid crowded public transportation, high schools must hold 75% of classes remotely.

“We think we will suffer a little in the next month (November), but if we grit our teeth and face these restrictions, we will breathe again in December,” said Conte.