Angry! Gang members in Taiwan chose a different kind of pettiness to send a message to a restaurant owner who allegedly owed them some money.

Authorities are investigating an attack on G House Taipei earlier this week and they say two gang members threw 1,000 cockroaches into the restaurant.

Police believe the attack on G House Taipei may have been carried out by a criminal organization in revenge for unpaid debts, the Daily Mail said.

CCTV footage released by Taipei police shows two men dressed in black entering the restaurant and throwing the cockroaches in the air before they run out again.

During a press conference, Taipei Police Commissioner Chen Jia-chang said that throwing cockroach bags is considered a violent act and should be punished. He added that the cockroaches were small and likely the kind used to feed fish.

According to reports, the police are now sorting things out. Four men and one woman suspected of being involved in the cockroach attack were reportedly detained.

The suspects are believed to have been involved in a financial dispute with the restaurant owner.

Even though the police may have caught the people who did this, the restaurant is still taking an L for this insect invasion.

After the attack, G House Taipei announced that the restaurant apparently had to be closed so that it could be completely sterilized.

Just thinking about a cockroach makes my skin crawl and I can’t imagine what it was like to be in the restaurant when this went down.

Let’s just hope people don’t pick up on this idea and keep doing it because I need our restaurants to be safe!

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