The most challenging thing TMJ Grand Rapids, MI physicians face is establishing a good connection with their patients. The advantages of an ideal physician-patient relationship are endless, and that’s why as a physician, you should focus on building one. In this post, the Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ Grand Rapids has shared some tips on how you can build a trustworthy relationship with your patients.

Demonstrate Sympathy and Empathy

While you might not be in the same position with your patient, at one point in life, you have been the one receiving tmj treatment Grand Rapids at one point in life and not the one giving it. Therefore, you have an idea of what a patient feels. When delivering the diagnosis results, show your patient that you understand their concerns and appreciate how they are feeling. If you have an experience similar to their situation, share your story.

Do not Appear Rushed

Every minute of a tmj specialist Michigan might be accounted for from the second they walk into the clinic. Your full plate might have you feeling pressed for time, but do not show it. If you look rushed, your patient might feel less important. Give every patient the time to describe their symptoms. This will help you get a full picture of their condition and choose the appropriate tmj treatment Grand Rapids plan to address each symptom.

Practice Shared Decision Making

Shared decision-making is a great collaborative approach to tmj treatment Grand Rapids. You should work together with your patient to develop the ideal treatment plan. Make sure to involve the patient in discussions concerning various treatment options, review the advantages and cons of every option, and decide how they would like to proceed. When Grand Rapids tmj  patients take an active role, they tend to feel more in control and are likely to stick to their plan of tmj specialist Grand Rapids MI, which leads to quality outcomes. Patients will also value your decision to treat them as a partner.

Respect Cultural Differences

While some behaviors might be acceptable in your culture, they might be considered rude in another. As a tmj specialist Grand Rapids, you should recognize that every culture has its distinct customs and adjust how you interact with your patients on these norms. Considering your patients’ unique culture, beliefs, and values will allow you to build better support while making your patients feel respected and appreciated.

At the center for sleep apnea and tmj Grand Rapids, we place ourselves in our patients’ shoes to provide the best quality care and ensure that they have an incredible experience at our clinic. 

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