India’s COVID deaths rise by record 4,205 to cross 250,000 mark | Coronavirus pandemic News

The death toll passes a dismal milestone as the pandemic rages across the vast country of 1.35 billion people.

India has seen a record increase in deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, pushing its total death toll past the 250,000 mark.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus rose by 4,205 while daily coronavirus cases rose by 348,421. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of cases in India rose to over 23 million on Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Health.

Many experts suggest that the real numbers are much higher.

Numerous bodies have been found floating down the Ganges in the East Indies. The authorities said they have not yet determined the cause of death.

Health officials who worked through the night on Monday found 71 bodies, officials in Bihar state said.

Images on social media of bodies swimming in the river sparked outrage and speculation that they had died of COVID-19.

Authorities conducted autopsies on Tuesday but said they could not confirm the cause of death due to the decomposition of the bodies.

More bodies were found floating in the river on Tuesday and washed up in the Ghazipur district in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. Police and villagers were on site, about 50 km from the incident on Monday.

“We’re trying to find out where these bodies came from? How did you come here? “said Mangla Prasad Singh, a local official.

Surinder, a Ghazipur resident who uses a name, said the villagers did not have enough wood to cremate their dead on land.

“Because of the lack of wood, the dead are buried in the water,” he said. “Bodies from around 12-13 villages were buried in the water.”

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are seeing rising COVID-19 cases as infections increase faster in India than anywhere else in the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday that a variant of COVID-19, which was first discovered in India last year, has been found in at least 44 countries.

The UN health agency has called the strain of the virus a “worrying variant” based on preliminary research alongside those first discovered in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

The Indian Foreign Ministry said late Tuesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not travel to the UK for the Group of Seven (G7) summit next month because of the coronavirus situation in the country.

“Although British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s invitation to the Prime Minister to attend the G7 Summit was welcomed as a special invitation, given the current COVID situation, it has been decided that the Prime Minister will not attend the G7 Summit in person,” the ministry said in a statement.

Modi has been criticized for allowing large gatherings at a religious festival and holding large election campaigns over the past two months, even as cases have increased.

US President Joe Biden is expected to work with other leaders at a G7 summit chaired by Johnson in Cornwall, southwest England, June 11-13.