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According to the country’s interior ministry, the majority of Nepal is currently fully or partially under Covid-19 lockdown.

Of a total of 77 districts, only five are still open, 64 of them under complete and eight under partial closure, the ministry reported.

Districts that are completely off-limits have asked both public and private vehicles to stay clear of the streets. All academic institutions and businesses are closed, with the exception of those related to essential services.

In most districts, grocery stores are only open for limited hours.

The Covid-19 measures are enforced by the Chief District Officers from their respective districts. The central government had previously given districts the power to impose total or partial lockdowns.

Oxygen supply: The Supreme Court of Nepal has asked the government to set up a task force to regulate the distribution of oxygen bottles and other life-saving devices as Covid-19 infections rise.

In a restraining order on Tuesday, the court said no Nepali should be deprived of medical treatment due to a lack of life-saving equipment such as oxygen bottles, medicines and well-stocked hospital beds.

The government had a responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of these devices to save lives, and they should set up a task force to ensure “efficient coordination” of their distribution.

A context: In Nepal, case numbers fell in February, and the newly identified cases ranged from 50 to 100 daily. However, infections broke out in mid-April as the second wave from neighboring India gained momentum.