Jeff Bridges

Page 6 learned that Jeff Bridges is fighting against lymphoma. The 70-year-old actor went on Twitter Monday night to write that “new s * it has come to light,” as his character from The Big Lebowski, the “Dude,” said.

Bridges went on in his post that while it is a difficult fight, he is confident that he will make it because he has a “great medical team” and the “prognosis is good”. Jeff says he is currently seeking treatment and will keep fans posted for the next few weeks.

Bridges also thanked his family for their support during this challenging time. The actor also urged fans and supporters to vote in the upcoming election that will see Joe Biden face Donald Trump.

When Bridges revealed he was fighting cancer, he was endorsed by several actors, including George Takei, who referred to him as a “fighter” and said he could beat him. Patricia Arquette also wished him “love and healing”.

According to the National Cancer Institute, non-Hodgkins lymphoma typically accounts for 4% of cancer cases in 2020. The organization states a five-year survival rate of around 73%. Hollywood fans know this isn’t the first time a celebrity has been diagnosed with cancer.

Earlier this year, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman passed away privately among his family and friends after battling colon cancer for about four years. Boseman didn’t tell anyone for years and spent many of his remaining days visiting terminally ill children.

Mr Boseman died this August at the age of 43 and has been yelled at by Hollywood celebrities and other entertainment figures ever since. In the past, Boseman has been relatively silent about his diagnosis, in fact he hasn’t told the press or anyone in the industry.


The actor apparently never left a will, and his widowed wife, Taylor Simone Ledward, filed court documents earlier this year to certify that he was the administrator of his estate.

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