Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Spending More And More Time Together Since Her Alex Rodriguez Split – Are They Reuniting?

According to recent reports, J.Lo. Since breaking up with Alex Rodriguez, she’s been spending more time with Ben Affleck. Even so, it makes sense for fans to wonder if the exes could get back together or not! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck used to make up one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, and now some think they could repeat history! Page 6 was the first to go through an insider report that Ben and Jen spend a lot of time together after separating from her and Alex. In fact, the two stars have been seen quite a bit lately, on April 29th! The source told Page 6, “Security will pick him up at a nearby location and then bring him back after spending a few hours with Jen.” They have reportedly hung out no less than three times since returning from the Dominican Republic where she made the film Shotgun Wedding. All of that doesn’t necessarily mean they will get back together, and the insider told the news agency that they have only been friends and have been since they split in 2004. “They are friends … they never were. ‘Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started a couple in the early 2000s and were even engaged! The fans called them Bennifer and just loved them as a couple! However, in 2003 they postponed their wedding and in January 2004 they separated for good. Much similarly, after Jen postponed the wedding for a while, she also broke her engagement to Alex after getting engaged in 2019. The two formed a mixed family and they all seemed very happy together. As a result, many fans were shocked to hear about the breakup, but it just didn’t work out and now they are instead looking at Ben hoping to see him again.