Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Is This Anything?’ Unlocks His Joke Vault – Deadline

“Is that something?” is the question every comedian tells every other comedian about every new piece they want to try. Now, in his first book in 25 years, Jerry Seinfeld answers this question by opening the vault of his jokes, collected over five decades.

Simon & Schuster’s book, Is that something? is on the road this Tuesday. Seinfeld is scheduled to appear at the New York Festival with Steve Martin on Wednesday October 7th to discuss stand-up comedy.

This book, as Seinfeld claims, provides the full record of his lifelong pursuit of material to be turned into pieces. “Whenever I came up with a fun piece, be it on a stage, in a conversation or on my favorite canvas, the big yellow notepad, I kept it in one of those old-school accordion folders.” His field said in a statement. “So, I’ve got every piece of stand-up comedy that I thought was worth saving from hacking 45 years ago for all I was worth.”

The book is broken down by decades, beginning with the 1970s when Seinfeld made his stage debut with Catch a Rising Star in 1975. It’s essentially a long series of jokes from the periods preceded by a brief introduction to each decade in which Seinfeld explains where he was in his life when the jokes were born.

Seinfeld, the master of observational humor, offers his routines for everything from cotton balls to pop tarts and fatherhood to the obsession with “going out” and “coming back”.

Check out the trailer for the book below.

They asked me to summarize my whole life in less than 5 minutes. It turned out it wasn’t that hard. Https://

– Jerry Seinfeld (@JerrySeinfeld) September 25, 2020