Jimmy Fallon Roasts Jeff Bezos In First ‘Tonight Show’ With Full Audience – Deadline

Jimmy Fallon was choked to death on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show as he greeted his first full studio audience since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.

“Welcome to the Tonight Show, everyone. We have comedy, we have celebrities, we have music, ”said the host, who brought a restricted audience back to 30 rock on March 22nd. “We have a full audience tonight – and above all we have air conditioning.”

After Fallon touched on the heat wave that hit the US in his opening monologue, Fallon turned his attention to Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Amazon founder who is making headlines again.

“Jeff Bezos has just announced that he will fly into space on his company’s first manned rocket next month,” he said. “Bezos will be the first person in space to look down and say, ‘I can see my house from here.'”

Regarding Amazon’s recent takeover of MGM, the host added, “After the country reopened, most people bought a new swimsuit, maybe a tough seltzer. This guy is buying James Bond and a ticket into space. “

Bezos says his voyage into space will be perfectly safe, Fallon continued, “because it will be packaged by the same people who ship Amazon boxes.”

Later in his monologue, the late-night host turned to the much-discussed boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul on Sunday, which some critics call “boring”.

“If you missed it, all the highlights can be seen by Googling ‘men hugging’,” joked Fallon. “The result was a tie, so the only loser was anyone who paid $ 50 to watch a fake fight.”

Check out Fallon’s entire monologue by clicking the video above.