Jordyn Woods' Fans Say She Won 2020

Jordyn Woods is definitely living her best life these days and she probably has everything anyone could ask for. She was recently on vacation with her new boyfriend and the scenery looked like heaven.

The 23-year-old model recently celebrated her birthday and NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns was by her side.

Check out a recent video she posted on social media:

One supporter said: “I feel like Jordyn has learned a lot from last year and now she is finally in a good and happy place mentally. She really deserves it.”

Someone commented, “Jordyn Woods really lives her best life, happy for you, beautiful,” and a fan said, “You won 2020! Beautiful friend, beautiful Jordyn, beautiful family, and you stayed positive and drama free and see now off !!!! ???????????????????? A true queen! ????. ‘

One follower said, “It looks so peaceful and beautiful, I wish I was there, but I can’t just afford it in my dreams.”

Another said, “There is nothing the Kardashians have not made the world believe in this girl, but the Lord has been faithful and will be forever. I just want to say no matter how much money a person has at the end of the day. We are all human and only numbers, and God in Heaven is watching and justifying those who deserve it. ‘

One commenter put this on: “That view, however. ???? Can’t wait to go to the islands next month. ‘

Another follower said, “I am so happy and glad that she comes into her own women’s hood and has people in your circle who you control just because they have fame. You get up even though you are not attempting surgery just to hold on to yourself. And for the other Ks who doubted, eat your heart out of the bakers.

One fan said to Jordyn, “You have earned every little bit of luck and blessings that you now experience. Enjoy life! ❤️ ‘


Congratulations Jordyn on all you have achieved.

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