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Kava Kava Root and The Science

Oct 17

The island of Vanuatu is one of the last true frontiers of science, with its vast array of natural wonders including the renowned Magnetic Flux Wormhole and the Vanuatu Zoo. Along with this lush, beautiful environment, however, lies a secret, concealed behind thick vegetation and the ancient, crumbled shells of extinct sea life: the potent kava root. This legendary kava root has a history of being a very strong, resilient, and highly effective stimulant; and has recently been identified as a highly effective treatment for anxiety and alcoholism.

Kava Kava Root

Scientists have been studying the effects of kava root capsules on the human brain for more than thirty years now. Over the years, they've discovered that kava root works by reversing a series of chemical reactions in the brain that occur when people are faced with stress or anxiety. This means that it can actually help reduce both the intensity and duration of symptoms normally associated with anxiety and alcoholism, while simultaneously reducing other physical and psychological symptoms like fatigue, lack of appetite, headaches, and general irritability. It has also been shown to boost levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and epinephrine (a family of chemicals which play an important role in muscle movement and brain function).

In order to understand why kava root capsules provide such phenomenal benefits for the Vanuatu population, it's important to appreciate just how reliant the Vanuatu islanders are on a diverse array of seafood and marine vegetation, including the kava root. Without these plants, the Vanuatu fishing villages would quickly dry up, and Vanuatu would face serious drought problems, affecting the fishing industry and leading to even more devastating seafood shortages later on. Unfortunately, scientists have only been able to observe the effects kava has on the human liver through rigorous scientific studies on animals. For this reason, much more in-depth research on this unique herbal supplement is still needed to determine its true usefulness to people who suffer from chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, or similar medical conditions.