Do you have a Methuen, MA address? If so, then you need to know about the great orthodontic services offered by our licensed professionals at Smile Design Methuen. We offer braces for people of all ages and can also help with tooth alignment issues. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

Braces are designed to straighten teeth and correct misaligned teeth

Methuen Braces are designed to straighten teeth and correct misaligned teeth. If you have crooked, crowded, or spaced-out teeth this could be a good option for you. Straightening your smile can help improve confidence in Methuen, Massachusetts! Many adults choose Braces in Methuen because they want their smiles fixed before they get older and it’s more difficult to do so without the use of orthodontic devices like braces.

There are different types of braces including metal, ceramic, and tooth-colored options

There are different types of braces including metal, ceramic, and tooth-colored options. Methuen affordable braces may be used to address many issues such as overcrowding or underdevelopment; however, the goal is to align teeth for improved appearance and function. A Methuen dentist can provide you with a referral if you would like to know more about your treatment options. You will benefit from having an x-ray completed before starting any orthodontic work so that we can accurately diagnose your needs!

Braces can be used on both children and adults as long as the patient is healthy enough for treatment.

Methuen braces for kids are used to help straighten the teeth and correct other structural problems. They can also be used on people who have jaw issues that cause misalignment of their bite or speech impediments. Braces should not be considered a cosmetic treatment because it is focused on making sure patients receive proper dental care, however, there may be some cases where aesthetic reasons could play in factor into whether someone opts for braces such as when they wish to change how their smile looks with braces or if they want to avoid being self-conscious about having crooked teeth.

The cost of braces varies from person to person depending on insurance coverage

The cost of cheap braces in Methuen can range from $4000 to up to $10000. People who have insurance coverage will typically pay a co-payment of 20% or less for the cost of their treatment, thus reducing costs by at least half. Braces are an investment in your health and appearance that is worth every penny if you want them. Braces help balance out teeth so that they fit together properly which reduces long-term wear on tooth enamel which leads to more healthy teeth later in life.

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